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Lyme disease can be debilitating if undetected, and especially if left untreated over a period of time.  It is through my own personal experience and through the site (see trailer) that this epidemic, along with the extreme difficulties in finding medical help is identified.  If nothing more my hope is to bring a sense to the many suffering that they are not alone and that there is hope as I have found through a wonderful human being and physician I found at North Carolina Lyme Help.

 My Story - Back in July of 2009 I was bit by a tick and after not seeing the “bull’s eye” rash in the following days and weeks I thought nothing more of it.  In October I encountered a sensation of numbness in my left arm followed by my left leg and after a few hours it suddenly started in the left side of my face.   After 20 seconds of feeling this sensation I was overwhelmed with the thoughts that I was having a stroke.  We immediately went to the nearest E.R. and it was determined that I was not having a stroke, but needed to follow up with additional tests.  Within days I started experiencing neurological difficulties walking and trembling. 

After months of various tests (totaling $20k) with my primary care physician, neurologists and specialists affiliated with the states two largest medical institutes none were able to identify the problem.  I was lost with no where to turn and it was only through the recommendation of a friend and co-worker that I found Triangle Wellness and Dr. Schmitt in Raleigh, North Carolina at

The bottom line is that testing for Lyme disease is not accurate and there are many reasons for false negative results.  There are multiple symptoms which can mimic various diseases and they vary from individual to individual.  There are also issues as identified in the site that note the difficulties in both properly identifying this disease along with finding a doctor who’s willing to assist while fearing that he may lose his license. 

I hope you found this information helpful and find hope as I have.